Paper Mache' Sculptures are my speciality. I love Mermaids, Birds, Land and Sea Creatures- Imaginary and Real. My Paper Mache' Sculptures are whimsical and fun, and each paper mache' sculpture is one-of-a-kind. I love creating art that makes people feel happy. I especially like to do custom work, so if you have a special mermaid lover you need a one-of-a-kind gift for then you have come to the right place. All of my customers have been delighted with their custom paper mache' mermaids!

"Squamata 3"


"Squamata 2"


"Squamata 1"




"Daddy Bought Me A Horsey!"







Cigapuff was a happy little bird with bright blue feathers and piercing green eyes. One day he and the other birds thought it would be cool to try cigarettes. The other birds coughed and cried, disgusted by the foul cylinders, but Cigapuff took to them like a duck to water. He loved to light them up and puff them all day long. Soon Cigapuff couldn’t keep up with the other birds, hacking and wheezing while they flew and played. His bright blue feathers became dingy with nicotine. His green eyes became red and bleary. He always smelled like cigarettes and his breath stank like he had eaten a turd covered in burnt hair.

Even though his friends pleaded with him to stop, he was hooked. And worse than that, he refused any offer of help because he thought it made him look weak. The forest where he lived became littered with his carelessly tossed butts. One day he caused a terrible fire that consumed the entire forest and all the birds and animals that dwelled therein- including Cigapuff.

When Cigapuff got to birdie heaven, he knew that he had been a terrible bird; squandering his beauty, his friends, and his wonderful forest home, but he still wanted another cigarette. The king of the birds knew that Cigapuff had not learned his lesson and so he banished him back to the burned up forest, forcing him to spend eternity picking up the cigarette butts he had so carelessly tossed on the ground.

I would like the story of Cigapuff to be a reminder that sometimes in our blind pursuit of pleasure we may fail to recognize that what we see as gratification is but a catalyst to destruction; and no matter what path you choose in life, in the end, you reap what you throw.

~Claudia Croneberger

"Barmaid Mermaid"

24" x 30"    framed    $500


16" x 20"      framed     $250

I was thinking about when Jesus told Peter that he would deny Him three times before the cock crows.  Was the cock aware of his part in this?  Would he have tried to fight his natural instinct to crow that morning had he been aware?  "Dawn" is looking over his shoulder at the three crosses on the hillside with a tear in his eye.    ~Claudia

"Wu Chi Under The Tree"

11" x 21"     framed     $195

In my daily practice of Tai Chi I have gained much.  Standing in Wu Chi in preparation of the form allows me to let everything slip away.  Wu Chi is another word for "empty mind".  It is most relaxing and soothing.  I am a graduate of the Longevity Tree Form.  You may visit for more information.   ~Claudia


16" x 20"     framed    $250


18" x 24"     $250

"Midnight Hop"

16" x 20"      framed     $250


$150   framed



I begin my body of work by deciding what I want to say with my piece. I sketch my plan then begin by creating my background. I paint with oils or acrylics on canvas. I often incorporate other mediums such as my photography, watercolors, and items from nature.
The foreground of my work consists of one or more items created from paper mache’. I use recycled cardboard from a cereal box or other container. I draw the outline and cut it out. I begin adding strips of newspaper dipped in a flour and water mixture and build up layers adding one layer a day for several days. When I have reached the desired thickness, I let the piece dry completely for at least a week. I lightly sand the piece and apply a layer of gesso before painting with acrylic paint. Each paper mache’ sculpture is embellished with various items such as sequins, beads, shells and/or charms. When this is complete, I apply two coats of varnish to seal and protect. The finished paper mache’ piece is then attached to the canvas background and both are put into a shadowbox frame.
Some of my Sculptures are also sold without the background and frame.